Matt Stanford

Hey there. My name’s Matt. I started my first blog a very long time ago. I can’t even do the math of how long ago it was. I was at a university in Kent and Geocities was a thing. Does anyone remember Geocities?! Anyway…I blogged about my “band” Death By Stereo. Unfortunately there was an actual band with the same name, so there were a lot of confusing entries in the guestbook.

Since then I’ve created countless blogs, websites, and marketing funnels. I really enjoy helping others, which is the reason I decided to start this blog

A few random facts about me
  • I’ve only ever done karaoke twice. Both times I was asked to leave
  • I recently started running, and completed my first 10k in October 2019
  • I love programming in Python, and have recently been learning Django
  • I was part of the UK’s best bar team 2007